Sport, Science, and Diversity

On Friday May 10, 2013, the UCLA institute for Society and Genetics hosts a symposium entitled “Hurdling over Sex? Sports, Science and Diversity”. Speakers include DSD-TRN Principal Investigator and Director of the ISG, Eric Vilain, and Dr. Maria José Martínez-Patiño, Prof. at the University of Vigo, Spain and former best Spanish hurdler.


Should athletic competitions at the local, national, and international levels continue to organize separate events for men and women? What are the biological and cultural reasons for this sexual separation? What other possibilities for organizing athletic competitions are both possible and desirable? This symposium will address these questions by bringing together perspectives offered by athletes and scholars of sports, gender, and biomedicine. It will consider past and recent controversies about “gender verification” testing and the International Olympic Committee’s adoption of new regulations for female athletes with hyperandrogenism in 2011. Also, it aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss the relationship between sports, science, and sex and to innovate productive ideas for how sporting institutions might implement policies that can maximize fairness and respect for human diversity.”

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