The DSD-TRN has a new clinical site in Phoenix

The DSD clinical team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is now part of the DSD-TRN! The multidisciplinary team provides state-of-the art care to DSD families and has won support of the National Institutes of Health to join the network. The NICHD (Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institute for Child Health & Human Development) awarded funds to ensure seamless integration of the Phoenix team into the DSD-TRN, including expanded psychosocial support for patients and their families, use of standardized cinical forms across the network, and participation in research aimed at defining best-practices in the field for the future. The DSD-TRN welcomes the added expertise in our network as well as the opportunity to offer our services to DSD families a new geographical area of the country.

In an effort to counter the opioid crisis, many pharmacies in the US participate in drug take-back programs, allowing the safe disposal of unused or expired medications.